Last Update: 30.5.2011

Market Overview

January 2011
Central London Property Market Forecast 2011


Despite slight price falls over the second half of 2010 the Savills Prime Regional Index ends the year in positive territory. All prime regional property recorded a value rise of 1.0% during the year, however, regional differences have become more apparent during 2010. Those regions with closer ties to London, and within commutable distance have outperformed the prime northern regions of the UK.
The biggest growth has been in the South East and Eastern markets, as an improving London economy during the first half of 2010 created a ripple effect out to the surrounding commuter markets. As a result prices increased by 3.4% in the East of England and by 1.8% in the South East over the past 12 months. Compared to the mainstream markets, the prime regional markets appear stronger, although not showing significant price out-performance, the higher-value, equity-rich markets have seen most of the trading activity since the credit crunch.