Last Update: 30.5.2011

Opportunity Knocks…

Symbia proposes value generation for myriad investor audiences seeking to augment their asset portfolios through wise realty investments. They include:


Private Wealth Individuals & their Asset Managers

These are individuals who have accumulated wealth through successful exits in the hi-tech arena or through more conventional commercial industries. They seek guidance in making shrewd investments that can help them sustain and grow what they have amassed - and avoid wasting it through reckless decision making.

Symbia is well positioned to identify the right mix in the creation of a stable, diversified low-risk, high-yield real estate investment basket, on their behalf.


Affluent Households

Owners of small successful businesses, educated professionals, and tenured employees in stable companies - all of these are examples of hard-working middle class people who over the years have managed to put away some money while continuing to live sensibly within limits. Investing their money presents an opportunity to grow their net worth, but they are wary of making costly mistakes. Symbia puts together solid group investment vehicles for individuals who fit this profile, that appeal to their required safety zone and offer good potential yield.


Small/Medium Realty Companies

For those who live the ups and downs of realty investment and development on a daily, professional basis, making the jump outside of the local Israeli market can be an intimidating proposition. Professional realtors who want a stake in opportunity growth markets in the UK and Europe can't necessarily make it on their own. They don't have the proper connections or an understanding of the inner workings of the local business culture. Symbia, with its proven international experience in launching overseas realty initiatives, enhancing their value and generating revenues, is a compelling alternative for expanding your investment horizons.