Last Update: 30.5.2011

  • Established track record - Over fifteen years of proven experience in identifying, investing, developing and leveraging value from realty targets in multiple geographies

  • Network builders - We know how to get the right partners on board across the real estate investment spectrum and build teams with complementary skills

  • Every base covered - From sourcing mortgage loans to building tax exemption schemes, obtaining expert legal counseling and more, Symbia is accountable to all the financial and legal concerns of its foreign investor partners

  • A keen eye for success - An ability to learn new areas, assess the trends affecting them and choose targets that are most likely to thrive in the current investment climate

  • Out of the box - We look at what a property is, imagine what it can become, and think creatively in building a concrete mechanism for getting it there

  • Transparency - Everything in the manner in which we present and carry ourselves points to our being open and accessible; Our direct, no-hype communication ethic gives clients confidence and puts them at ease.

  • Eclectic realty experience - We are equally at home developing properties stuck in the construction phase, transforming a space from commercial to residential or making "passive" investments in solid income generating targets in need of a minor face lift.

  • Proactive by nature - We take a hands-on role in every aspect and phase of deal flow, easily interfacing with clients, banking establishments, regulatory authorities and realty partners and managers.