Last Update: 30.5.2011

Invested in consistency

Symbia employs tried-and-true models of due diligence that have proven to be sound and viable throughout numerous successful investment cycles that we initiated in European markets.

These processes include:

  • Mapping target regions from every conceivable angle in terms of demographics, employment opportunities, municipal trends, the potential impact of major infrastructure plans (roads, trains, airports etc.) and more.

  • Taking a long hard look at a specific residential/retail or commercial property, analyzing its history, tenant profile, and current and future cash flow potential against the cost of the money from the loans needed to finance the project.

  • Deciding whether the property should be a straightforward passive investment or undergo a change in category designation

  • Procuring mortgage financing through our banking connections and leveraging our tax advisory contacts in preparing the groundwork for improved investor conditions.

  • Extensively researching diverse investment audiences in Israel and approaching them through the auspices of asset managers and other exterior enablers, matching the proposed portfolio we want to purchase with the proper investor profile.

  • Partnering with the finest local realty professionals, property managers and contractors who have proven personal equity in their respective areas of expertise and can generate upside in every situation.