Last Update: 30.5.2011

Tal Orly, Co-Founder

Tal Orly is a seasoned veteran of the property development arena. A native of Israel, he has been actively involved in the initiation, planning and execution of large and complex urban realty projects since 1992. Over the past decade, he has expanded his investment horizons, making several successful forays into the London property market, dealing mainly in the acquisition, development and resale of residential and commercial properties. A licensed solicitor well versed in the nuances affecting realty law in multiple markets (Graduate of School of Law, The University of East London, 1993), his eclectic skill sets extend to every aspect of the legal, financial, planning and execution stages that are vital to the success of value-enhancing realty investment projects.

Lior Asif, Co-Founder

A graduate of the Technion, the Israel Institute of Technology, Lior has garnered over 15 years of experience in residential property markets in the UK and Israel. He is an active architect with a keen eye for reading trends and transforming undervalued properties into assets that realize their inherent potential. Lior's entrepreneurial skills, his extensive knowledge of design, property finance and asset management, together with his many contacts in the property and banking worlds have enabled him to initiate and develop many successful projects.  

Professional Consultants:


Ingram Winter Green Solicitors
Solomon Taylor & Shaw Solicitors
WGS Solicitors
TSS Teacher Stern LLP
Mowbray Woodwards Solicitors



Fox Associates
Cohen Arnold



Forge Architects

Archetype Architects planners & Designers
Colwynfoulkes Architecture & Planning
CLA Calder Latif
O'Connor Sokolowski Partnership OCSP


Quantity Surveyors

Barrie Tankel Partnership plc
Calford Seaen
Bond Davidson
WWA Woard Williams Associates



MP Brothers LTD

Kinleigh Folkard & Hayward
Goldschmidt & Howland

Featherstone Leig