Last Update: 30.5.2011

An investor's passport to realty opportunity

Symbia Realty Portfolios provides investment opportunities in value-generating overseas property markets for a wide array of investor profiles. From high net-worth individuals and consortiums of household investors, to mid size realty firms, institutional investors and beyond, Symbia is a solid platform for people and groups seeking to diversify their assets by investing in foreign property opportunities that are consistently attractive, consistently managed and consistently perform. Operating as a smart, streamlined realty investment boutique, Symbia executes its well-designed business plans based on traditional ethics of fairness and hard work, enjoys deep professional networks that span every aspect in the realty project lifecycle, and focuses exclusively on the objective at hand: to identify and leverage the full potential from undervalued residential and commercial properties.  

Symbia has an eye for the inherent potential of a property and a real touch for envisioning and enabling change that can impact the bottom line. It may be as subtle as shifting the tenant profile of a building, obtaining better mortgage terms or hiring a superior onsite management company in order to boost rental fees. It may also be as dramatic as converting an old warehouse complex into a combination space for trendy lofts and boutiques.

Collectively and individually, the Symbia team has built an impressive profile over 15 years that includes the refurbishment, rebuilding and value enhancement of hundreds of apartments in London, the UK, Israel and beyond. With extensive experience in project management, and the establishment of consortiums of overseas investors, Symbia has been a solid bridge to opportunity for individuals and groups seeking to invest in the Greater London area and other UK and European locations. As current conditions in the UK and elsewhere continue to be volatile in the wake of the global credit crisis, the emergence of genuine opportunity in the realty market in these locales has created a fertile ground for investment. Prime property portfolios that heretofore were simply either unavailable or far beyond the means of most private investors, are suddenly available at considerable discounts.

Symbia, with its proven track record, wide range of core skills and uncompromising, consistent A-Z approach, is well positioned to thrive in this environment.

Symbia's diverse areas of expertise include:

  • Locating and negotiating properties and sites with potential for residential & commercial developments, change of existing designation or upgrade/enhancement
  • Managing and marketing refurbished and newly built projects
  • Overseeing legal administration, city planning issues, permit acquisitions
  • Coordinating professional teams and consultants for synergistic project execution
  • Arranging mortgages for investors
  • Establishing companies for overseas investors seeking uncomplicated taxation structures
  • Procuring favorable financing terms from financial institutions and banks in all relevant matters such as construction loans, project finance, re-finance, bank guarantees, investors, mezzanine finance and more